Jun 12, 2009

Virtual Fence: How it Works

In a test area near Sasabe, Arizona, a 28-mile section of the virtual border fence is set to go live. Developed by Boeing as part of a $70 million contract, the test fence, dubbed Project 28, will use a combination of physical fencing and "invisible technology" So, how does it work?

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Anonymous said...

I have the solution.

You build these gigantic, sprawling, multi-acre estates. Top notch security, gold-plated toilet seats, private pools, gardens, tennis courts, etc.. Maybe have Ben Bernake print up special issue, double-ply, moisturized $100 notes for the toilet paper. Champagne from every tap, wet bar in every room, premium cable and satellite packages, and a super-secure military grade network connection to the pentagon or something.

You build one for each and every member of the house and senate, maybe throw in some for the supreme court justices and all the new czars we keep inventing too, and mandate that they spend at least 40% of every year they serve residing in these super-fortresses.

Then equally space them out along the Mexico-U.S. border.

Problem solved.