Aug 23, 2008

The Border Fence Project

The Border Fence Project is sponsored by NoInvaders.Org, a non-profit organization founded by Jim Wood of Running Springs, CA, on December 13, 2004, one of the original Minutemen and weekly visitor to the Mexican border, as well as a 3-year active veteran of the immigration reform movement in excellent standing with the state of California. We are 501 (c) (3) tax exempt as part of Declaration Alliance. We pride ourselves in offering fencing solutions free to private ranchers along the southern border with Mexico, along with free public property fencing along the International Zone, in an effort to help stop the ever escalating tide of illegal immigration, terrorism, and drug smuggling. We are in the process of considering a border fence project for the Canadian border as well. Your support of this organization, as well as promotion of and contribution to, will be in recognition by a 200,000+ membership of Minutemen-like groups from around the nation, and the 80% of the American public who want greater restrictions on illegal immigration.

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