Aug 23, 2008

Common Sense Border Fence

Common Sense Border Fence has a series of maps of where the proposed fences will be located.


chris shelley said...
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chris shelley said...

Any more information on this group? Who are they? The Environmental Stewardship Plan published by the DHS and CBP has some of the most detailed maps and resources I have found.


The maps that this group is reproducing come from the Department of Homeland Security, and can be accessed at their contractor's website, which Chris Shelley linked to. The "Common Sense" blog (misnamed, as common sense would dictate that no border wall be built) links to earlier versions. Before April 2008 DHS was making a pretense of boedience to the National Environmental Policy Act, which mandates that the environmental and human impacts of big projects be studied, and unnecessarily adverse impacts be avoided. Their draft Environmental Impact Statements and Environmental Assessments came in for tremendous criticism from the EPA and US Fish and Wildlife, as well as from those of us who live along the border and could clearly see that crucial information was left out, and that the holes in the documents were plugged with sales pitches like the claim that the border wall would preserve "traditional family values." Despite the impossibility of defining traditional family values, much less quantifying them in a supposedly scientific document, they appeared in the EA's and EIS's.

In April DHS Secretary Chertoff waived 36 federal laws along the US Mexico border, including NEPA, to facilitate construction of the wall, using powers granted him under the Real ID Act. The new Environmental Stewardship Plans are a category that DHS subsequently invented to give the apearance that they are concerned with the wall's impacts. Since they invented ESP's, there are no standards that they must meet, and they are not subject to review by the EPA or anyone else.

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