Oct 1, 2008

Art Against The Wall

Here's a quick article on art along the border wall from the slightly partisan blog, No Border Wall:

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In considering the border wall as architecture, it is also useful to consider who is accepting the contracts to build it. The Texas Observer has found that the Mexican cement company Cemex has refused to provide cement to build the border wall:
It is heartening to see corporate responsibility in action. If only U.S. companies such as Kiewet would do the same, rather than build walls that drive immigrants into the desert, where the GAO reported that thousands have died since 1995.

As for "partisan" as a description of the No Border Wall Coalition, that term is not accurate as it is commonly used. We don't affiliate with either political party, though the Republican platform contains an explicit call for the completion of the border wall while the Democratic platform is a bit fuzzier.