Oct 27, 2008

The Green Border Wall

The Mexican government is building a wall on their side of the border. Instead of being made of brick and mortar, like the proposed American wall, this one is made of trees—an environmental reserve about 30 feet wide and 600 miles long on the Texas border, a “green wall” to protect the Rio Grande from the roads and staging areas that smugglers use to ferry drugs and migrants across the frontier.


chris shelley said...

An "environmental reserve" 30 feet wide? That's shorter than my Manhattan apartment. Let's apply some critical thinking here. What is this article not telling us?

Matthew Bitterman said...

i agree. i kept waiting for the article to state that the proposal turned an existing road into this natural "monument," cutting off vehicular circulation - OR, that planting or allowing large or robust vegetation would further hinder vehicular crossing. there certainly is merit in the ideas brought forth. i would hope, optimistically, the shortcoming is in the reporting.