Oct 24, 2008

photography and plaster over latex as records of manipulations and new readings arising.

milieu/ecology: In this field of connections and relationships implying interconnectedness; a system where the local and the global come into play absorbing or resisting external forces.
By manipulating this ecology, one can defamiliarize and reconfigure the distant plan. It is a new reading and understanding of space, extensions and potentials. As such, one discovers new components, other spatial localizations, axes, rights of passage and of defenses; there is a different way to measure distances, separations, etc. it is no longer a matter of precisely delineating, but of living, sculpting and adapting.

strategy vs. tactics: In this same manner one might make a parallel with the ay one truly experiences a city. We can refer to De Certeau, the new reading reflecting the "tactics" taken within the strategy. Michel de Certeau’s “strategy”, the aerial plan, fixed and determinant, yet disconnected and perhaps irrelevant with regards to the existing situation and psycho-geopgraphy. The “tactics”, the cognitive mapping that steps away from the geographical ad economic factors, and reflects the everyday, - temporal and nomadic; the psychogeography that redefines space. Guy Debord’s dérive.

The focus on representation:
Baudrillard states that technology, and communications have allowed for a deterritorialization of time and space, merging the boundaries between reality and representation.
Baudrillard’s simulacra… images, signs, and symbols replace reality; we live a simulation of reality rather than reality itself, we become reliant on simulacra; what is real and what is representation no longer matters.
The wall as simulacra: It’s polices and existence defined from a disconnected place. The wall can then be defined as hyper-reality, disconnected in its existence, deterritorialized from time and space, solely based on foreign strategies of fortification and enclave…The concept of the border can then move away from the idea of fortification and enclave, leading and focusing onto a world of everyday lived experiences and survival.
Informality- as a response to formal determinism.


chris shelley said...

great work. very impressive. keep it up.

riziki said...

I knew this was your work withought having to see the description or labels. I'm impressed! You should submit to our Call for Papers (Projects) forthe conference I'm organizing. I'll forward details!