Sep 6, 2008


Hi everyone-

I'm going to use this blog, if you will allow it, as a method of arranging my own thoughts, research, and inspiration throughout the semester - as a method of both sharing what i find, and displaying the work as it develops. This may serve to more efficiently and effectively share research and prevent us from all doing the same thing at the same time. I hope that you all will get into this, and do the same. Please photograph the awesome models you guys made and get them up here as soon as you can! {i will as soon as i get something built!}

ALSO - i'm going to be offering one of my FTP accounts for us to share files online. everyone will be able to store files there as necessary, software stuff, etc... works better than bspace.

i'm starting with geometry, form, etc., social/political stuff i'm saving for a later date.

some inspiration to start with {mentioned in ron's project part 2 description, and then further} :: -amazing artist!!

check out this artist that was featured in the latest praxis:: lots of work with repetitive elements

this project is similar to what we are doing:: or go here and make sure you tell your browser not to block pop-ups, greg lynns website.

okay, more soon!

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Matt Bitterman said...

go to the "defective brink" project of solomnoff.