Sep 6, 2008

readings on geometry

hi everyone-

i've come across some pretty interesting reading on sort-of geometry at large which could be informative to your projects, for fetish or fancy i suppose. much of this has been addressed/manifest in many contemporary projects, and some of these geometric strategies could potentially provide radical and efficient structures that could be great solutions to our border problem. not only that, this stuff isn't that complicated to model these days, which is undoubtedly why we are seeing more and more of it. much of this is just wikipedia, but pretty interesting.

research on danzer tiling ::

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chris shelley said...

Wow, you clearly are passionate about geometry. Sahar and I will keep an eye out for complex surfaces and address them to you. If you see the world through parametric eyes (which I do not, so I can only speculate,) you may want to read those who have attempted to describe the kind of bottom-up urban development that Teddy Cruz observes in Tijuana as a parametric process. Such an exercise could allow you to follow your intuition without putting off the "social/political stuff" for later.