Sep 6, 2008

unfolding doubly curved surfaces

hi everyone-

also, check out
there isn't any good photos of the baskets yet up- see the pink praxis. this blog contains some interesting stuff visually, but also contains one image of the lasch baskets.

several of us indicated an interest in starting with sheet goods for the fence project, so here is a little more on that. there are several new technologies that facilitate the ability to translate complex geometries or doubly curved surfaces into flat stock. what immediately comes to my mind is the example of the charles and ray eames splint right? a bunch of flat laminates were cut precisely and laminated together to create an incredibly complex shape, and the joinery becomes both the craft and the aesthetic .
software:: i've got pepakura for flattening doubly curved surfaces, but it seems a little rudimentary and i've heard it is imprecise at times. rhino can flatten surfaces that are only curved in one direction. i'll be purchasing lamina to help with that i think. just to let you guys know, this is something i'm pursuing right now. i will keep doing this until you tell me to stop!

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