Sep 6, 2008

Itinerary: Part One

Chris and I arrived in San Diego today. I wanted to put up a tentative schedule of what we are doing in case anyone wants us to ask specific questions, document particular things, etc.

San Diego/Tijuana
Saturday, September 6
Visit San Diego
Sunday, September 7
Meet with Teddy Cruz
Visit Tijuana
Monday, September 8
10:00 am meeting with Paul Ganster, Director of IRSC at San Diego State University
Visit San Ysidro/Casa Familiar

Monday, September 8
Drive to Tucson
Tuesday, September 9 
Meet with Rev. Robin Hoover, founder of Humane Borders
Wednesday, September 10
Meet with No Mas Muertes
Visit Nogales

El Paso/Juarez
Thursday, September 11
Visit El Paso
Friday, September 12
Visit Juarez

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